Our Elders:

We have been blessed with three godly men to lead the congregation here at LRCOC.  They oversee the local work of the church here, and are not governed by any other body or group.  They are also referred to as shepherds, pastors, bishops, and overseers.  They are responsible for feeding and protecting God’s flock at Lawnville Road (Acts 20:28-32).  One day, they will give an account to God for the way they ruled in the Lord’s Church (Hebrews 13:17).

Roger Carter
Russell Langley

Timothy Richardson

Our Deacons:

The New Testament instructs that the church should be organized with deacons.  They are to be servants of the church who are assigned special tasks by the elders.  One example of this is found in Acts 6:1-6.

David BosnakYouth, VBS, Equipment
Milt Moseley
Building and Ground
Norm Sugarman
Safety and Security,
Widow Visitation