Bible Study at Home!

Do you wish you knew more about the Bible?

The Bible has sold more copies than any book that man has ever written.  Estimates range from 2.5 to 5 billion copies sold since 1815 (Guinness World Records). Bible CourseWe appreciate your interest in learning more about this special book.  It is a book that came from God and has eternal implications for mankind.  You may already know a lot about it, or you may know nothing at all.  Your level of knowledge does not matter.  God expects mankind to be diligent in preparing themselves for eternity (2 Timothy 2:15). We realize that some people are much more comfortable studying  at home.  We whole-heartedly support those who wish to spend extra time at home studying their Bible.

If you desire a deeper understanding of this important book, please submit the form below, and we will mail you a copy of the first study.  Once completed, you can return it to be graded.  Once graded, it will be returned to you with the next Bible study.  If you have questions about anything you read, please feel free to let us know at any time! Please Contact us HERE.

Thank you for your desire to learn more about the most precious book ever written!