Spiritual Java

Java 2

We invite you to have a cup of spiritual truth to start your morning!

Many people need a morning “pick-me-up” in order to function properly throughout the day.  Most folks use coffee as this “pick-me-up”.  The Lawnville Road Church of Christ desires that every person who believes that the Bible is God’s inspired Word should keep that Word in their heart (Psalm 119:11).  Just as people need a little help in getting their day started right physically, we believe people need a tool that will help them spiritually in the same way.  Spiritual Java is a program that does just that.  Every day at 7:00AM (perhaps as you are having your morning coffee), you will receive an inspirational verse from the Bible.  Our hope is that people will reflect on this verses throughout the day in order to keep the Word hidden in their heart. This service is being provided free of charge to any and all who wish to receive it (although text messaging rates may apply for you – check with your carrier).  

The advantages of this are many.  But this is one way to allow God’s Word to be your guide in life.  Paul says that Christians are to “Let the Word of Christ dwell in your hearts richly…” (Colossians 3:16).  As one person has commented, electronics can help with just that!  Another advantage is in helping us share the word with others.  Jesus gave to His disciples a great commission (See Matthew 28:18-20).  The mission is to teach others about Him.  This is a very simple way to get God’s Word out and available to others.  

Listed below are a couple of ‘testimonials’ about this program.  We encourage you to sign up and daily be reminded of God’s Word.  Also, we invite you to share this with your friends, neighbors and co-workers.

“What a great thing your church is doing.  I am going to start getting the verses” – Jeri

“I do think it makes a difference to keep the Word of God in your heart – electronics can just help with that” – Amy